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Indian Navy Brings Somali Pirates to Mumbai Following Anti-Piracy Operation

Mumbai: The Indian Navy successfully apprehended 35 Somali pirates who were captured by Indian forces in a daring anti-piracy operation. The pirates were brought to Mumbai aboard the warship INS Kolkata on Saturday, following days of intense maritime operations.

The operation, hailed as a resounding success, not only led to the liberation of a hijacked bulk carrier but also resulted in the safe rescue of several hostages who had been held captive by the pirates.

Upon their arrival in Mumbai, the pirates were escorted by Mumbai Police, who assigned them chest numbers for identification purposes. Subsequently, they were transferred to JJ Hospital for a thorough medical examination to assess their health and well-being.

This operation comes on the heels of another successful rescue mission by the Indian Navy, where 17 crew members of the vessel MV Ruen were safely rescued during an anti-piracy operation that spanned nearly two days. Remarkably, no casualties were reported during the operation, highlighting the professionalism and efficiency of the Indian Navy in executing complex maritime missions.

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