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Indian Naval Ships to Participate in India Mozambique Tanzania Tri-Lateral Exercise

New Delhi: Indian Naval Ships (INS) Tir and Sujata are set to take part in the upcoming second edition of the India Mozambique Tanzania (IMT) Tri-Lateral Exercise, a joint maritime exercise scheduled from March 21 to March 29, 2024. The exercise aims to enhance cooperation and interoperability among the navies of India, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

The inaugural edition of the IMT Tri-Lateral Exercise, held in October 2022, witnessed the participation of INS Tarkash alongside the Tanzanian and Mozambican Navies.

The current edition of the exercise is structured into two phases. The harbour phase, scheduled from March 21 to March 24, will see INS Tir and INS Sujata engaging with their counterparts at the ports of Zanzibar (Tanzania) and Maputo (Mozambique). This phase will kick off with a Planning Conference followed by joint harbour training activities such as Damage Control, Fire Fighting, Visit Board Search and Seizure procedures, Medical Lectures, Casualty Evacuation, and Diving operations.

Subsequently, the sea phase of the exercise, slated from March 24 to March 27, will focus on practical aspects of countering asymmetric threats, Visit Board Search and Seizure procedures, boat handling, manoeuvres, and firing exercises. A joint Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) surveillance operation is also on the agenda during the sea phase. The exercise will culminate with a joint debrief scheduled at Nacala (Mozambique).

In addition to the operational aspects, the harbour stay will provide an opportunity for cultural and sports exchanges between the participating navies. The Indian Naval ships will be open for visitors, and activities such as sports events and cultural exchanges are planned. Furthermore, training visits for sea trainees of the 106 Integrated Officers Training Course are scheduled at the respective ports, further enhancing

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