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Indian Crew Safe After Singapore-Flagged Ship Collides with Baltimore Bridge

New Delhi: All 22 crew members aboard the Singapore-flagged container ship involved in the collision with a bridge in Baltimore, USA, early on Tuesday, are safe, confirmed the shipping company.

The Synergy Marine Group, which operates the container ship named ‘DALI’, released a statement detailing the incident. According to the statement, the vessel collided with one of the pillars of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore while under pilotage with two pilots onboard at approximately 01:30 local time on March 26.

Fortunately, all crew members, including the two pilots, have been safely accounted for, with no reports of injuries. The crew comprised entirely of Indians, totaling 22 individuals.

The ‘DALI’ was en route from Baltimore to Colombo at the time of the collision.

While the exact cause of the incident is still under investigation, the Synergy Marine Group has activated its Qualified Individual Incident response service. The US Coast Guard and local authorities have been notified, and the owners and managers of the vessel are fully cooperating with federal and state government agencies under an approved plan.

Reports from US officials suggest that the ship’s crew had reported power issues before the collision. Maryland Governor Wes Moore acknowledged the crew’s prompt warning, stating that they had potentially saved lives through their timely communication.

Following the collision, several vehicles and individuals fell into the water, prompting a search operation for at least six missing people.

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