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Indian Coast Guard Rescues Nine Fishermen After Boat Fire off Andhra Coast

New Delhi: Acting swiftly in response to a distress call, the Indian Coast Guard Ship Veera, on patrol off the Andhra coast, successfully rescued nine fishermen who had suffered severe burn injuries after their boat caught fire and sank at sea on April 5, 2024.

The ICGS Veera received a distress call from a nearby fishing boat reporting a fire onboard the Indian fishing boat (IFB) Durga Bhavani, located approximately 65 nautical miles from Visakhapatnam harbour. The IFB Durga Bhavani, registered in Andhra Pradesh, had departed from Kakinada harbour with nine crew members on March 26, 2024. The fire incident occurred on April 5, resulting in an explosion of a gas cylinder onboard, causing severe injuries to some crew members. In response, all nine fishermen jumped into the water to escape, while the fishing boat, damaged by the explosion, sank rapidly.

Upon receiving the distress call, the ICGS Veera promptly proceeded to the location, reaching within a few hours to provide assistance to the survivors. The Coast Guard vessel swiftly conducted the rescue operation, retrieving all nine survivors from the water. The injured fishermen were immediately provided with first aid by the medical team onboard the ICG ship.

In parallel, Coast Guard District Headquarters No. 6, in coordination with JD Fisheries Visakhapatnam, arranged for ambulances and medical teams to evacuate the critically injured crew members of the IFB. Subsequently, all the injured fishermen were shifted to King George Hospital, Visakhapatnam, for further medical treatment. Thanks to the quick response by the Indian Coast Guard, the entire rescue mission was successfully concluded within a short span of six hours.

The Indian Coast Guard plays a pivotal role in providing assistance to fishermen at sea and serves as the national coordinating agency for Search and Rescue at Sea operations. This incident underscores the dedication and efficiency of the Indian Coast Guard in ensuring the safety and security of mariners and vessels operating in Indian waters.

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