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Indian Coast Guard Rescues Critically-Ill Fisherman off Kerala Coast

Kochi: The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) demonstrated its unwavering commitment to maritime safety by conducting a successful rescue operation, saving the life of a critically-ill fisherman from the Indian Fishing Boat (IFB) Jazeera. The dramatic rescue took place approximately 40 nautical miles off Beypore, Kerala, on May 7, 2024.

The fisherman encountered a life-threatening situation when he accidentally fell into the sea, experiencing a near-drowning incident. Despite being rescued by his fellow crew members aboard the IFB, the fisherman’s condition rapidly deteriorated due to excess water in his lungs, requiring urgent medical attention.

In a swift response to a distress call from the IFB, the Indian Coast Guard promptly mobilized its resources. An Advanced Light Helicopter, equipped with a medical team, was dispatched from Kochi, along with the Aryaman and C-404 ships. These assets swiftly located the distressed IFB and initiated the rescue operation.

Utilizing their expertise and precision, the Coast Guard team airlifted the critically-ill fisherman from the IFB to safety in Kochi. Upon arrival, he was promptly transferred to a nearby hospital for further medical treatment.

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