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Indian Coast Guard Rescues 27 Bangladeshi Fishermen Adrift at Sea

Kolkata: In a swift and decisive operation, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) successfully rescued 27 Bangladeshi fishermen who were stranded on their fishing boat at sea. The rescue mission, carried out on April 4, 2024, highlights the commitment of the Indian Coast Guard to safeguarding lives at sea and enhancing international cooperation with neighboring countries.

The rescue operation unfolded when the Indian Coast Guard Ship Amogh, conducting a routine patrol at the Indo-Bangladesh International Maritime Border Line (IMBL), spotted a Bangladeshi fishing boat named Sagar II adrift inside Indian waters. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the fishing boat had experienced a steering gear breakdown two days prior, leading to its drift into Indian waters.

Despite attempts by the Indian Coast Guard’s technical team to rectify the defect, it became apparent that the boat’s rudder was extensively damaged and could not be repaired at sea. With favorable sea conditions prevailing, it was decided to tow the distressed boat back to the Indo-Bangladesh IMBL for handover to Bangladeshi authorities, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Indian Coast Guard and the Bangladesh Coast Guard.

To facilitate the towing operation, the Indian Coast Guard Regional Headquarters in Kolkata established communication with the Bangladesh Coast Guard, informing them of the incident and the planned course of action. In response, the Bangladesh Coast Guard Ship Kamaruzzaman was swiftly deployed to assist in towing the Bangladeshi fishing boat.

By evening on April 4, 2024, the Bangladesh Coast Guard Ship Kamaruzzaman arrived near the IMBL, where it rendezvoused with the Indian Coast Guard Ship Amogh. The 27 Bangladeshi fishermen, along with their boat, were safely transferred to the custody of the Bangladesh Coast Guard Ship Kamaruzzaman, marking the successful conclusion of the rescue operation.

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