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Indian Coast Guard Executes Daring Night Rescue Operation to Save Injured Fisherman

Veraval: In a display of remarkable courage and swift action, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) successfully conducted a daring night rescue operation to save a fisherman who had sustained a serious head injury onboard the Indian Fishing Boat (IFB) St Francis. The incident occurred amidst rough sea conditions approximately 130 km west of Veraval, Gujarat, during the night of May 1, 2024.

The distress call was received by the Coast Guard Maritime Rescue Sub Center in Veraval, alerting them to the critical situation. Responding promptly to the distress call, the ICG deployed Ship C-153, which was on a surveillance mission in the vicinity, to alter its course and rush to aid in the medical evacuation.

With precision and efficiency, the Indian Coast Guard swiftly reached the location of the distressed IFB St Francis. Despite the challenging conditions, the ICG successfully executed the evacuation of the injured fisherman from the vessel. The seamless transfer of the injured individual onto the ICG vessel ensured immediate access to medical aid and further treatment.

Following the rescue operation, the injured fisherman was promptly transported to a medical facility in Veraval for urgent medical attention and care.

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