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Indian Coast Guard Evacuates Critically Injured Fisherman from Gulf of Khambat

Gujarat: Indian Coast Guard (ICG) Station Pipavav undertook a daring rescue operation to evacuate a critically injured fisherman from the Indian Fishing Boat named Pushkar Raj, located 50 kilometers from the coast in the Gulf of Khambat on April 3, 2024.

Upon receiving distress signals, the Maritime Rescue Sub Centre, Pipavav, swiftly diverted the ICG Interceptor Boat C-409, which was on deployment in the area, to the scene of action.

The Interceptor Boat, upon reaching the fishing vessel, established communication with the crew. It was revealed that a 37-year-old fisherman had sustained a severe fracture in his left foot, with his ankle being dislocated.

Without hesitation, the ICG team embarked on the challenging task of safely evacuating the injured fisherman. With meticulous coordination and professionalism, the patient was successfully transferred to the Interceptor Boat.

During the evacuation, the ICG medical team provided crucial initial treatment to stabilize the fisherman’s condition. Subsequently, he was swiftly transported to a Government Hospital for further medical management.

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