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Indian Coast Guard, ATS, and NCB Collaborate to Bust Major Drug Haul at Sea

In a coordinated anti-narcotics operation at sea, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) joined forces with the Anti-terrorism Squad (ATS) and Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) to intercept a Pakistani vessel carrying a staggering 86 kg of narcotics, valued at approximately Rs 600 crore. The meticulously planned operation, executed on April 28, 2024, resulted in the apprehension of 14 crew members aboard the illicit vessel.

The ICG ship Rajratan, equipped with personnel from ATS and NCB, played a pivotal role in the successful interception of the suspect boat. Despite attempts by the perpetrators to evade detection, the vigilant crew of the Rajratan positively identified the suspicious vessel. Supported by a fleet of ships and aircraft engaged in concurrent missions, the Rajratan swiftly closed in on the target, leaving no room for escape for the drug-laden vessel.

Utilizing specialized teams and equipment, the ICG personnel embarked on the suspect boat and conducted thorough checks, confirming the presence of a substantial quantity of narcotics onboard. Following the seizure, the apprehended crew members, along with the vessel, were placed under escort and are currently en route to Porbandar for further investigation and legal proceedings.

This successful joint operation underscores the seamless coordination and synergy between the Indian Coast Guard, ATS, and NCB in combating illicit activities at sea. The collaborative efforts of these agencies have yielded significant results, with this operation marking the eleventh successful interception of its kind in the last three years. The unwavering commitment of the involved agencies towards national security objectives is exemplified by their collective efforts to curb the menace of drug trafficking and ensure the safety and security of India’s maritime domain.

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