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Indian Coast Guard and Hindalco Industries Collaborate for Indigenous Marine-grade Aluminium Production

New Delhi: Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and Hindalco Industries joined hands on May 9, 2024, in New Delhi, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at bolstering the manufacturing and supply of indigenous marine-grade aluminium. The agreement entails the provision of this specialized aluminium to Indian public and private shipyards for the construction of ships, with added benefits including quarterly pricing, priority in supplies, and turnover discounts.

The significance of this collaboration lies in enhancing coastal security measures, particularly through the construction of vessels capable of operating in shallow waters. Presently, the ICG fleet comprises 67 ships equipped with aluminium hulls, a feature crucial for maneuvering in coastal regions. With plans to induct more such vessels, the MoU with Hindalco Industries assumes paramount importance, as the marine-grade aluminium produced under this partnership will find extensive utilization in these upcoming ships.

The signing ceremony was attended by senior officials of the Indian Coast Guard, including Deputy Director General (Materiel & Maintenance), ICG IG HK Sharma, and CEO of Hindalco’s Downstream Aluminum Business, Nilesh Koul. Their presence underscored the strategic importance of the collaboration, highlighting the shared commitment to bolstering coastal security and indigenous manufacturing capabilities in the maritime sector.

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