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Indian Army's Ex-Servicemen Rallies Foster Unity and Support Amidst Challenges in Manipur

Indian Army’s Ex-Servicemen Rallies Foster Unity and Support Amidst Challenges in Manipur


Imphal: In a resolute effort to strengthen ties with the Ex-Servicemen (ESM) community during testing times in Manipur, the Indian Army orchestrated a series of ESM Rallies across diverse districts. The rallies, held in Bishnupur, Senapati, and Churachandpur districts on February 26, February 28, and March 4, respectively, marked a significant outreach to the ESM fraternity in the state.

Despite prevailing security concerns, the events garnered an overwhelming response from the community, with ESM from nearly all districts attending. The rallies, conducted by the Red Shield Division under the Spear Corps, aimed to engage with the ESM community, offering a platform to address concerns and facilitate solutions related to pension documentation and other issues.

With a remarkable turnout of over 2000 personnel, including 1650 veterans, 50 Veer Naris (war widows), 180 widows, and 65 dependents, the rallies served as a testament to the enduring spirit of the ESM community in Manipur. Among the attendees were war veterans who had served in the 1965 and 1971 wars, as well as Operation Vijay in 1999.

The focal point of these rallies was to provide crucial assistance and guidance to the ESM community. Dedicated assistance booths were established at each rally site, addressing a spectrum of issues such as healthcare, pension anomalies, documentation, ECHS polyclinic services, CSD, and army recruitment.

Major General Sameer Sharan Kartikeya, SM, General Officer Commanding of the Red Shield Division based in Manipur, expressed his gratitude to the veterans and their families for their selfless sacrifices and service to the nation. He acknowledged the ESM community’s unwavering support during the prevailing security situation in Manipur and assured swift resolution of their grievances.

Medical and dental specialists from the Army and District Hospitals conducted health camps at the rally sites, providing medical assistance, treatment, and necessary medicines. The comprehensive range of facilities showcased the Army’s commitment to addressing the unique needs and concerns of the ESM attending the event.

The Ex-Servicemen Rally serves as a poignant reminder of the Indian Army’s steadfast dedication to Veterans, Veer Naris, and War Widows, particularly in times of crisis. It reflects the camaraderie and solidarity that define the ethos of the Indian Armed Forces, reinforcing the bond between the military and the community it serves.

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