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Indian Army Contingent Departs for India-Uzbekistan Joint Military Exercise DUSTLIK

New Delhi: The Indian Army contingent embarked on its journey for the 5th edition of the India-Uzbekistan joint military Exercise DUSTLIK. Scheduled from 15th to 28th April 2024, the Exercise will take place in Termez, the Republic of Uzbekistan. DUSTLIK, an annual event, alternates between India and Uzbekistan, with the previous edition held in Pithoragarh (India) in February 2023.

Comprising 60 personnel, the Indian Armed Forces contingent includes 45 personnel from the Indian Army, primarily from a Battalion of the JAT Regiment, and 15 personnel from the Indian Air Force. On the other hand, the Uzbekistan contingent, consisting of approximately 100 personnel from the Uzbekistan Army and Air Force, will be represented by members of the Southern Operational Command, part of the South-West Military District.

The primary objective of Exercise DUSTLIK is to bolster military cooperation and enhance combined capabilities for executing joint operations in mountainous and semi-urban terrain. The exercise will emphasize a high degree of physical fitness, joint planning, tactical drills, and the fundamentals of special arms skills.

Tactical drills during the exercise will encompass various aspects such as the creation of a Joint Command Post, establishment of an Intelligence & Surveillance Centre, securing of landing sites, Small Team Insertion & Extraction, Special Heliborne Operations, Cordon and Search Operations, Room Intervention Drills, and Demolition of illegal structures.

This edition of Exercise DUSTLIK will witness the participation of personnel from combat support arms and services besides Infantry, enhancing the complexity of the operations. Notably, two Women Officers will be part of the Indian Army contingent, representing the Regiment of Artillery and the Army Medical Corps respectively.

Exercise DUSTLIK serves as a platform for the exchange of best practices in Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures of conducting joint operations between India and Uzbekistan. Furthermore, it aims to promote interoperability, camaraderie, and mutual understanding among soldiers of both nations, thereby fostering bilateral relations and strengthening defence cooperation.

The participation of the Indian Army contingent in Exercise DUSTLIK underscores India’s commitment to enhancing regional security and promoting stability through constructive engagement and cooperation with its allies and partners.

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