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Indian Air Force Conducts Night Operations from Emergency Landing Facility as part of Exercise Gagan Shakti-24

New Delhi: In a significant display of operational preparedness, the Indian Air Force (IAF) recently conducted night operations from the Emergency Landing Facility (ELF) in the northern sector of the Kashmir valley as part of Exercise Gagan Shakti-24. This exercise showcased the IAF’s capability to airlift and air-land a large number of troops utilizing a variety of helicopters including Chinook, Mi-17 V5, and ALH Mk-III helicopters, even under challenging night-time conditions.

The ELF operations were aimed at enhancing the IAF’s readiness to respond swiftly and effectively to any contingency in the region. These drills also serve as an opportunity for the IAF to practice coordinated landings and operations at such critical locations, requiring meticulous planning and coordination with civil administration. The exercise employed a Whole-of-the-Nation Approach (WNA), emphasizing collaboration between the armed forces and civil authorities.

Furthermore, the IAF plans to conduct similar drills in coordination with state governments to activate ELFs in other sectors across the country. The ability to operate from such restricted landing surfaces is crucial not only for military operations but also for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) missions during natural calamities. ELF operations enable the IAF to provide swift assistance and relief to affected areas, showcasing its versatility and readiness to serve the nation in times of need.

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