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India Shares Insights on PM Poshan Scheme with Indonesian Delegation

New Delhi: Secretary of the Department of School Education and Literacy (DoSEL), Ministry of Education, Sanjay Kumar, held a crucial meeting with H.E. Mochammad Firman Hidayat, Deputy Coordinating Minister for Maritime Resources of Indonesia, to discuss the intricacies of the PM Poshan Scheme. The meeting, aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, witnessed the participation of Additional Secretary Shri Anandrao V. Patil, along with other senior officials from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of External Affairs.

The PM Poshan Scheme, a flagship initiative of the Indian government, entails providing hot cooked meals to students from Pre-Primary to Class VIII in Government and Government-aided schools. Recognizing the potential of this scheme in addressing malnutrition and enhancing educational outcomes, the Indonesian delegation expressed keen interest in understanding its implementation and exploring the feasibility of a similar program in their country.

During the meeting, Sanjay Kumar offered invaluable insights into the scheme, elucidating its objectives, operational scale, and key provisions. Drawing from India’s experience, he provided a comprehensive overview of the scheme’s execution, emphasizing its role in promoting nutritional security and ensuring the holistic development of schoolchildren.

Anandrao V. Patil further enriched the discussion by sharing a detailed presentation outlining the various components and operational nuances of the PM Poshan Scheme. The presentation highlighted capacity-building initiatives, mechanisms for community participation, robust monitoring and evaluation frameworks, and notable best practices adopted in the implementation process.

The interactive session enabled the Indonesian delegation to glean practical insights and valuable learnings from India’s successful implementation of the PM Poshan Scheme. The exchange of ideas and experiences is expected to pave the way for collaborative efforts between the two countries in addressing the critical issue of child nutrition and advancing the cause of education.

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