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India Hosts Critical Minerals Summit to Boost Processing Capabilities

New Delhi: The inaugural ‘Critical Minerals Summit: Enhancing Beneficiation and Processing Capabilities’ commenced today at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The summit, organized to foster collaboration and innovation in critical minerals beneficiation and processing, received a grand inauguration under the patronage of the Ministry of Mines. V L Kantha Rao, Secretary of Mines, presided over the opening ceremony, setting the stage for insightful discussions and strategic collaborations.

The summit kicked off with exhibition pavilions showcasing a diverse array of minerals sourced from terrestrial and marine environments, offering attendees a comprehensive view of the critical minerals landscape. In his keynote address, V L Kantha Rao emphasized India’s urgent need to bolster exploration and utilization of critical minerals to support the nation’s rapid economic growth and clean energy aspirations. He highlighted recent government initiatives, including mineral block auctions, aimed at accelerating domestic mineral exploration and production.

A significant milestone was marked with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Ministry of Mines and Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation. This strategic partnership, also involving the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW) and TERI, aims to provide knowledge support in the field of Critical Minerals crucial for India’s economic development, national security, and low-carbon energy transition.

The summit hosted dynamic panel discussions on crucial topics such as building India’s processing and beneficiation capabilities and scaling strategies for domestic and global markets. Key discussions revolved around the Ministry’s commitment to infrastructure development for research and development in mineral processing, including initiatives like the Indo-Australian Critical Minerals Research Hub at IIT Hyderabad.

A dedicated technology session provided a platform for private companies, R&D institutions, academia, as well as government bodies like GSI and NFTDC to showcase India’s mineral potential and available processing technologies for critical minerals.

Dr. Veena Kumari D., Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Mines, concluded the day’s proceedings by highlighting the need for efficient processing technologies amidst global policy uncertainties. She underscored India’s potential as a leading player in electric vehicles, energy storage technologies, and other critical sectors, stressing the importance of nurturing a robust domestic supply chain.

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