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India Concludes Historic 2024 General Election

New Delhi: India has made history today with the successful conclusion of the General Election 2024, marking the election of the 18th Lok Sabha. The extensive voting process, which began on April 19 and spanned seven phases, showcased the commitment of Indian voters to their democratic rights.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, along with Election Commissioners Gyanesh Kumar and Dr. Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, expressed deep gratitude to the voters who participated despite various challenges. “The real winner is the Indian voter,” they declared, acknowledging the diverse electorate who exercised their right to vote regardless of caste, creed, religion, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) extended its heartfelt thanks to the entire election machinery, including security forces, for ensuring a smooth, peaceful, and festive voting environment across the nation. The Commission highlighted the dedication and commitment of those who braved difficult weather conditions, navigated challenging terrains, and managed law and order in a diverse demographic landscape.

The ECI also expressed appreciation to political parties and candidates, acknowledging their pivotal role in the democratic process. Additionally, the media, encompassing print, electronic, and digital platforms, was recognized as an essential ally in conducting free and fair elections.

Special recognition was given to centenarians, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and transgender voters, whose participation served as an inspiration, particularly to young voters. “Their involvement reaffirms the democratic ethos and spirit of India,” noted the ECI, aspiring that future generations will elevate voter participation to even greater heights.

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