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India and US to Conduct Joint Disaster Relief Exercise "Tiger Triumph – 24"

India and US to Conduct Joint Disaster Relief Exercise “Tiger Triumph – 24”

New Delhi:  To depend their bilateral ties, India and the United States are set to embark on a joint tri-Service Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Exercise, Tiger Triumph – 24, commencing from March 18 to March 31. The exercise, taking place on the Eastern Seaboard, underscores the commitment of both nations towards enhancing coordination and capabilities in responding to humanitarian crises.

Indian Navy Ships, equipped with integral helicopters and landing crafts, alongside Indian Navy aircraft, Indian Army personnel and vehicles, and Indian Air Force aircraft and helicopters, along with the Rapid Action Medical Team (RAMT), will join forces with their counterparts from the United States. The US contingent will be represented by US Navy Ships carrying troops from the US Marine Corps and US Army.

The primary objective of Tiger Triumph – 24 is to bolster interoperability between the Indian and US forces for effective execution of HADR operations. The exercise will also serve to refine Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), ensuring seamless coordination during crises that demand rapid response.

The exercise will be conducted in two phases, with the Harbour Phase spanning from March 18 to March 25. During this phase, personnel from both navies will engage in a variety of activities including Training Visits, Subject Matter Expert Exchanges, Sports Events, and Social Interactions. This phase aims to foster mutual understanding and camaraderie between the participating forces.

Following the Harbour Phase, the ships, along with embarked troops, will transition to the Sea Phase where they will undertake a series of Maritime, Amphibious, and HADR operations. These exercises will simulate real-life scenarios, allowing personnel to test their capabilities and response strategies in a controlled environment.

Tiger Triumph – 24 underscores the growing cooperation and synergy between India and the United States in the realm of defense and disaster response. By sharing expertise, resources, and best practices, both nations aim to enhance their collective ability to mitigate the impact of disasters and provide timely assistance to affected populations.

As the world grapples with an increasing frequency of natural disasters and humanitarian crises, exercises like Tiger Triumph – 24 serve as vital platforms for fostering international collaboration and preparedness in the face of adversity.

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