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India and France Strengthen Space Ties in Second Strategic Space Dialogue

India and France Strengthen Space Ties in Second Strategic Space Dialogue


New Delhi:  The second India-France Strategic Space Dialogue was successfully conducted in New Delhi on March 4, as step towards fostering collaboration in space exploration and technology. The dialogue was led by Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra representing India and Ms. Anne-Marie Descôtes, Secretary General of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, leading the French delegation.

During the meeting, both sides undertook a comprehensive review of the advancements made since the inaugural India-France Strategic Space Dialogue, emphasizing the substantial progress achieved in bilateral cooperation within the space sector. Discussions encompassed a wide range of topics, including governmental-to-governmental (G2G) collaborations and commercial ventures, reflecting the shared commitment to advancing space exploration and technology.

One of the key highlights of the dialogue was the evaluation of the recently inked Letter of Intent on Defence Space Cooperation between the two nations. This agreement underscores the growing importance of space technology in defense capabilities and opens avenues for joint initiatives in defense space industrial cooperation.

The delegates also deliberated on crucial aspects such as capacity building and training in the field of space technology. Both nations expressed a keen interest in fostering educational exchanges and initiatives aimed at enhancing the skill sets of professionals involved in the space domain.

The meeting provided a platform for the representatives to exchange views on the broader landscape of space cooperation, exploring new opportunities for joint ventures and collaborations. The discussions encompassed areas such as space exchanges, emphasizing the importance of sharing knowledge and expertise to accelerate advancements in space exploration.

The India-France Strategic Space Dialogue reflects the commitment of both nations to harness the potential of space technology for peaceful purposes, scientific exploration, and national security. The outcomes of this meeting are expected to further strengthen the existing ties between India and France in the realm of space exploration, contributing to the global advancements in this frontier.

As space continues to emerge as a critical domain for international cooperation, the India-France partnership stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts required to unlock the full potential of space exploration and technology for the benefit of humanity. The success of the second Strategic Space Dialogue marks a significant milestone in the journey of India and France towards achieving new heights in space cooperation.

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