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India Achieves Milestone in City Gas Distribution Network Expansion with Successful Conclusion of 12th Bidding Round

India Achieves Milestone in City Gas Distribution Network Expansion with Successful Conclusion of 12th Bidding Round

City Gas Distribution (CGD) Network to Cover 100% of the Country’s Area

New Delhi:  The Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) celebrated the successful conclusion of the 12th City Gas Distribution (CGD) Bidding Round during a Concluding Ceremony held today. The event, inaugurated by Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas & Housing and Urban Affairs, marked a significant step towards achieving 100% coverage of the country’s area for the development of the City Gas Distribution network.

During the ceremony, Shri Puri distributed Letters of Intent to the successful bidders of the 12th CGD Bidding Round, covering 8 Geographical Areas, including 6 North East States, and 2 Union Territories. The total investment anticipated for this round is Rs. 41,000 Crores, with the potential to generate substantial employment opportunities.

Minister Puri commended the efforts of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, PNGRB, and successful bidders for their role in building a robust oil and gas infrastructure. He highlighted the government’s commitment to invest $67 Billion in the natural gas sector over the next six years, aiming to provide stable-priced natural gas to end consumers. The Minister emphasized that these measures would lead to a three-fold increase in natural gas consumption by 2030, reaching 500 MMSCMD, while also promoting ancillary industries dependent on natural gas.

The Chairperson of PNGRB, Dr. Anil Kumar Jain, outlined the focus on creating a vibrant and sustainable gas infrastructure across the country. He underscored the potential of CNG in the North East states and highlighted the importance of authorized projects like the North Eastern Gas Grid and Gurdaspur–Jammu Natural Gas Pipeline in developing the natural gas network.

Shri Tarun Kapoor, Adviser to the Prime Minister, praised PNGRB for its impressive strides in CGD initiatives and acknowledged the challenges in the difficult areas covered by the 12th CGD Bidding Round. He stressed the need to accelerate PNG and CNG connection numbers, suggesting a shift of existing industries to natural gas by offering a stable and competitive price. Additionally, Kapoor proposed exploring the combination of natural gas with hydrogen blending or compressed bio-gas blending.

The PNGRB’s achievement in authorizing City Gas Distribution Networks in all regions of the country, except islands, signifies a monumental leap towards providing cleaner cooking fuel for households, supporting industrial and commercial facilities, and fueling transportation. This accomplishment aligns with the government’s vision of creating a gas-based economy and underscores the commitment to environmental conservation.

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