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India Abstains from UNHRC Resolution on Ceasefire in Gaza Strip

New Delhi: In a significant move, India abstained from voting in favour of a resolution put forward by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and urging the halt of arms sales, transfers, and diversion to Israel. The resolution also underscored the importance of ensuring accountability and justice for war crimes committed in Palestine, including East Jerusalem.

India’s decision to abstain was part of a larger group comprising 13 countries, including Japan, The Netherlands, France, and Romania, who refrained from casting their vote on the resolution.

The resolution garnered support from 28 countries, including China, Brazil, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Maldives, UAE, Qatar, and South Africa, among others, who voted in favor of it.

On the other hand, six countries, including the United States, Argentina, Bulgaria, Germany, Malawi, and Paraguay, voted against the resolution.

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