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IMD Clarifies: No Cyclone Forecast Yet, Urges Public to Stay Calm

Bhubaneswar: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has reassured the public that no cyclone prediction has been made, urging people not to panic amidst circulating speculations. On Sunday, the IMD emphasized that any forecast regarding a cyclone would only be possible after the formation of a low-pressure area.

“Till now no forecast has been made regarding the cyclone. Only after low-pressure forms, we will be in a position to say with clarity. As the system is yet to develop far away from Odisha, IMD has not issued any forecast regarding any cyclone. Hence, there is no reason for the people to panic,” stated Bhubaneswar IMD director Manorama Mohanty.

With May being a typical month for cyclonic activities, the IMD assured that they are closely monitoring the situation. “As it is cyclone month, we are keeping a close watch on the developments. The moment we get any information, we will issue our forecast,” Mohanty added.

Currently, a low-pressure area is expected to form over the southwest Bay of Bengal around May 22. This system is anticipated to move northeastwards initially and could concentrate into a depression over the central parts of the Bay of Bengal by May 24, 2024, according to the IMD’s predictions.

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