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IBM Center Invites DARPG for Presentation on AI in Governance

Washington: The IBM Center for The Business of Government hosted a virtual presentation by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) from India. The session focused on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in governance and was attended by prominent representatives from the US Government and stakeholders associated with the IBM Center.

The 90-minute interaction featured notable attendees such as James-Christian Blockwood, Executive Vice-President of the Partnership for Public Service; Dan Chenok, Executive Director of the IBM Center for The Business of Government; Terry Gerton, President and CEO of the National Academy of Public Administration; Ivan Metzer, Director of the Performance Management Line of Business (US Performance Reporting), General Services Administration; Alexander Snider, Performance Management Strategy Lead, General Services Administration; and other US government officials. From the Commonwealth Hub for the Business of Government in India, Professors Prajapati Trivedi and Avanish participated in the discussions.

The Government of India was represented by Secretary DARPG V. Srinivas, Joint Secretaries N.B.S. Rajput and Jaya Dubey, Deputy Director General NIC Dr. Sushil Kumar, Deputy Secretary DARPG Parthasarathy Bhaskar, Senior Technical Director NIC Manu Garg, and other senior officials.

The Indian delegation, led by Secretary V. Srinivas, presented on the Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS). The presentation highlighted how AI is being leveraged to enhance governance and streamline the grievance redressal process in India.

Dan Chenok, who conducted the interaction, commended the presentation and acknowledged the innovative efforts of DARPG in adopting AI to improve public service delivery. US government officials also expressed their appreciation for the insights shared and the potential applicability of similar systems in the US.

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