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Homecoming For Mukul Roy, Joins TMC

Kolkata: The all-India Vice President of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and MLA Mukul Roy has joined the Trinamool Congress (TMC) party on Friday along with his son Subhrangshu Roy.

Mukul Roy who co-founded the TMC in 1998, left the part in 2017 to join BJP. After a four year stint in BJP, he left the party.

Happy with the homecoming of Mukul to the party, Chief Minister Mamta Benerjee said, “Mukul (Roy) is our old member and he has come back. He was not in a good condition in the BJP because the saffron party created pressure on him through agencies, as a result he was not in mental peace. I was watching that his health condition had also deteriorated because one cannot stay in the BJP. It is a heartless party and no human being can stay there.”

Mamta also stated the more leaders will come out of BJP and join TMC. However, she made it clear that those party members who left TMC just before the election to join BJP will never be accepted. “Trinamool will welcome everybody who is sober and gentle. But there are some people who betrayed the party before the elections and badmouthed the Trinamool leaders. They are betrayers, and the party will never accept them,” she said.


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