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Harakrishna Mahatab State Library to be renovated, will have Wi-fi facility for readers

Bhubaneswar: The Harakrishna Mahatab State Library, one of the premier libraries in the state to be renovated and a Wi-fi facility would be available for the readers.

5T Secretary VK Pandian visited the library and discussed with the students about their facilities and difficulties.

The library serves as a hub for numerous students and youngsters who flock to its premises to prepare for a myriad of competitive exams.

“The restoration process will encompass the installation of new benches, tables, and other furniture. Additionally, cutting-edge technology will be employed to rejuvenate the library’s extensive collection of books, ensuring they remain in pristine condition. Furthermore, the entire library will be equipped with air-conditioning, enhancing the comfort of its visitors,” an official revealed.

The beautification of the library courtyard will also be done. A dedicated food court will be introduced, catering to the needs of students and the general public frequenting the library. Moreover, a cafeteria managed by Mission Shakti will be established, providing an array of culinary delights. Additionally, plans are underway to expand the Aahar center within the library premises, ensuring students are well-nourished during their study sessions.

Recognizing the importance of supporting students in their pursuit of competitive exams, the state government is also committed to furnishing the library with an ample supply of competitive magazines and books. Furthermore, distinguished individuals from various professional backgrounds who have achieved remarkable success in their fields will be invited to deliver motivational talks and provide career counseling.

In a bid to alleviate overcrowding in state libraries, the government has also approved the establishment of a public library in Bapuji Nagar. This new facility will feature a well-appointed food court, further enhancing the overall experience for library-goers.

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