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GSI declares ‘Natural Arch’ in Sundargarh as Geo Heritage Site

Bhubaneswar: The Geological Survey of India (GSI) has declared the ‘Natural Arch’ near Hemgir in the Sundargarh district of Odisha as Geo Heritage Site.

Found in the Chhengapahar reserve forest near Brahmani village of Kendudihi Block, the arch has a length of 30 metres at the base and a height of 12 metres. Its alcove has a maximum height and width of 7 metres and 15 metres respectively. Geometrically, the arch is oval-shaped.

The geological experts believe that the formation of natural arch might be ignited by the fault system and associated joints while the porosity of the poorly sorted, immature, arkosic, and loose sandstone accelerates the process through subaerial weathering. Therefore, it may be mentioned as structurally triggered – weather eroded natural arch.

With the addition of the Natural Arch, now Odisha has two Geo Heritage Sites. GSI has declared Pillo Lava at Nomira in Keonjhar district as a Geo Heritage Site.

Pillow Lava is an exposure of well-preserved pillow structures where each pillow are roughly ellipsoidal and closely packed.

It is believed that Nomira Pillow lava erupted 2.8 billion years ago when the area was covered by oceans.

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