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GPAI Ministerial Council Meeting in New Delhi Charts Future Vision for AI

New Delhi: The 6th meeting of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Ministerial Council convened today at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi, in a hybrid format. Chaired by the Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology and Commerce & Industry, Jitin Prasada, the meeting saw significant participation from international leaders, including Vice Minister from the Outgoing Chair, Japan, Hiroshi Yoshida, and Minister from the Incoming Chair, Serbia, Jelena Begovic. Key figures such as Jerry Sheehan, Director of Science, Technology & Innovation from OECD, and Dr. Tawfik Jelassi, Assistant Director General from UNESCO, were also in attendance.

During extensive discussions, the members reached a consensus on the future vision for GPAI, underscoring the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in shaping societies and economies while addressing emerging risks and challenges. The consensus highlights the need for coordinated international efforts to harness AI’s benefits, including fostering trustworthy and human-centric AI through a multi-stakeholder approach.

Swati Sharma, Joint Secretary of MoRD, emphasized that the signing of this SoI represents a whole-of-government approach, which will empower “Lakhpati Didis” as envisioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mercy Epao, Joint Secretary of MoMSME, affirmed that this partnership will elevate SHG Didis in entrepreneurship through MoMSME’s flagship initiatives.

Both Secretaries of MoRD and MoMSME appreciated the convergence and committed to collaborative efforts aligned with the SoI. This partnership aims to enhance SHG women-led enterprises, providing necessary support and resources to thrive in the rural economy.

The future vision for GPAI, as outlined in the meeting, includes recognizing the transformative potential of AI, acknowledging the risks posed by AI systems, and reaffirming the commitment to fostering trustworthy AI. The members also recalled the New Delhi 2023 GPAI Ministerial Declaration, emphasizing GPAI’s role in global AI cooperation and governance.

The meeting concluded with the announcement of a renewed vision for GPAI through an integrated partnership with the OECD, inviting countries to join in harnessing human-centric, safe, secure, and trustworthy AI. The members emphasized inclusive governance and equal participation in the partnership’s activities and decision-making processes.

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