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Govt Modernizes Film Certification Process with Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 2024

New Delhi: To modernize and streamline the film certification process in India, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, has notified the Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 2024. These rules, enacted under the Cinematograph (Amendment) Act, 2023, mark a comprehensive overhaul of the existing framework, aligning it with the digital age and global best practices.

The Indian film industry, renowned for its diversity and prolific output, produces over 3,000 films annually in more than 40 languages.

The Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 2024, aim to revamp the certification process for the digital era, leveraging online platforms to enhance transparency, efficiency, and ease of doing business for filmmakers. Extensive consultations with stakeholders, including filmmakers, cinema owners, and disability rights organizations, have informed the development of these rules, reflecting a collaborative and inclusive approach.

Key highlights of the Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 2024, include:

Online Certification Processes: Adoption of online certification processes to streamline workflows and reduce processing timelines, ensuring enhanced efficiency and transparency.

Accessibility Features: Mandatory provision of accessibility features for certification to make films inclusive for disabled persons, in compliance with established guidelines.

Age-Based Certification: Introduction of age-based categories, such as UA 7+, UA 13+, and UA 16+, to provide guidance to parents and guardians regarding age-appropriate content for young viewers.

Representation of Women: Ensuring greater representation of women in the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Board and Advisory Panels, with one-third of board members mandated to be women.

Priority Screening: Provision for priority screening of films to expedite the certification process in cases of urgency, facilitating ease of doing business for filmmakers.

Perpetual Validity of Certificates: Removal of the restriction on the validity of certificates, ensuring perpetual validity for CBFC certificates.

Recertification for Television Broadcast: Recertification of edited films for television broadcast, allowing only unrestricted public exhibition category films to be shown on television.

The notification of the Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 2024, reflects the government’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive film ecosystem in India. By embracing digital technologies and global best practices, these rules are poised to usher in a new era of efficiency and transparency in film certification, supporting the continued growth and success of Indian cinema on the global stage.

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