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Gouri Mohanty Elected as Executive Council Member of Karate India Organisation

Bhubaneswar: Gouri Mohanty, Secretary of the Odisha State Karate-Do Association (OSKA), has achieved a significant milestone by being elected as an executive council member of the Karate India Organisation (KIO).

The elections saw Bharat Sharma from Delhi being elected as the President of KIO, while Sanjeev Jangra from Uttarakhand secured the position of General Secretary.

Joining Gouri on the executive council are Sandeep Gade from Maharashtra and Ambethkar Gupta from Jammu & Kashmir. Notably, Gouri made history by becoming the first woman to be elected as an executive council member of the Karate India Organisation.

Gouri’s recent accolade adds to her remarkable journey in the realm of sports. Known for her prowess as a shooter, she has consistently demonstrated unwavering resolve and exceptional skill.

Gouri’s success in shooting competitions dates back to 2015, where she began clinching medals with remarkable consistency. Notable among her achievements is the silver medal she secured in the 12th Odisha State Shooting Championship held in Bhubaneswar from July 20 to July 23, 2023.

Her talent was further showcased in the 8th Odisha State Shooting Championship in 2018, where she clinched two bronze medals. Additionally, Gouri has a commendable record of winning three bronze medals in the senior women’s category at the 7th Odisha State Shooting Championship in 2017.

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