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Geological Survey of India Marks 174th Foundation Day with Grand Celebrations

Geological Survey of India Marks 174th Foundation Day with Grand Celebrations

Kolkata:  The Geological Survey of India (GSI) celebrated its 174th Foundation Day on March 4, with a spectacular display of enthusiasm and grandeur across its offices nationwide. The Central Headquarters in Kolkata hosted the central celebration, inaugurated by Janardan Prasad, Director General of GSI, who ceremoniously lit the traditional lamp to kick off the festivities.

The event was attended by esteemed dignitaries, including Dr. M. K. Mukhopadhyay, former Director General of GSI and Chief Guest of the occasion, Dr. Joydeep Guha, Additional Director General & Head of Department, CHQ, and other distinguished officials, both current and retired.

The celebrations began with the traditional garlanding of the portraits of Dr. Thomas Oldham, the founder of GSI, and Dr. M. S. Krishnan, the first Indian Head of GSI, paying homage to their significant contributions. This was followed by the inauguration of an exhibition showcasing rocks, minerals, and fossils, open to students from various colleges in Kolkata and its suburbs.

Dr. Joydeep Guha, in his welcome address, highlighted the pivotal role GSI has played in the growth of mineral exploration and geoscientific knowledge in India since its inception.

Shri Janardan Prasad, DG, GSI, reflected on the organization’s illustrious 174-year history and its indispensable contribution to the nation’s mineral resource exploration. He emphasized GSI’s commitment to making India self-reliant in mineral resources, utilizing advanced probing techniques, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and collaborations with national and international agencies.

The Director General also acknowledged GSI’s phenomenal work in geohazard management and early warning systems. He expressed gratitude to the dedicated past and present employees for their contributions to the growth and success of GSI over the years.

Dr. M. K. Mukhopadhyay, the Chief Guest, shared insights from his extensive geological fieldwork in remote areas and interactions with policymakers. He emphasized the dual nature of a geologist’s life, from remote fieldwork to high-profile meetings. Mukhopadhyay urged the GSI community to strive for excellence and encouraged policymakers to leverage GSI’s scientific expertise in addressing natural disasters.

As part of the celebration, the latest issue of the Indian Journal of Geoscience (Volume 77, Issue IV) was released, showcasing the latest research and developments in the field of geoscience. A series of lectures and presentations were also conducted by eminent geologists and experts, covering topics such as mineral prospectivity analysis using Machine Learning, emerging technologies in geoscience, and challenges to be met for the minerals/metals of the future.

The celebration concluded with a cultural program and the felicitation of retired officials, marking a day of reflection, acknowledgment, and optimism for the future of geological exploration in India.

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