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General Elections 2024: Phase 3 Sees 65.68% Voter Turnout

New Delhi: The Election Commission of India (ECI) has reported a voter turnout of 65.68% in Phase 3 of the ongoing General Elections 2024, covering 93 Parliamentary Constituencies (PCs). This figure, announced in continuation of previous press notes dated May 7th and May 8th, reflects the active participation of citizens in shaping the democratic process.

According to data released by the ECI, male voter turnout stood at 66.89%, while female participation was recorded at 64.41%. Additionally, the turnout among the third gender was noted at 25.2%. These figures collectively contributed to the overall voter turnout of 65.68% in Phase 3.

State-wise and PC-wise voter turnout data for Phase 3 has been provided by the ECI, facilitating a detailed analysis of electoral participation across different regions. Notably, the absence of registered electors in certain categories has been indicated by blank cells in the data.

It is crucial to highlight that repolling at two polling stations in Bihar and four polling stations in Madhya Pradesh, conducted during Phase 3, has been successfully concluded. The ECI has also ensured transparency by providing PC and AC-wise data on the voter turnout app. Additionally, copies of Form 17C, detailing polling station information, have been made available to candidates through their polling agents.

However, it is important to note that the final voter turnout will only be confirmed post-counting, which includes the counting of postal ballots. Postal ballots encompass those given to service voters, absentee voters (including those aged 85 and above, Persons with Disabilities, and essential services personnel), and voters on election duty. The ECI has ensured that daily accounts of such postal ballots received are shared with all candidates, in accordance with statutory provisions.

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