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Gen Anil Chauhan Unveils Joint Doctrine for Cyberspace Operations

New Delhi: Chief of Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan released the Joint Doctrine for Cyberspace Operations during the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC) meeting held today in New Delhi. This keystone publication is set to guide Commanders in conducting Cyberspace Operations within the increasingly complex military operating environment of today.

The creation of Joint Doctrines is a critical component of Jointness and Integration, actively pursued by the Indian Armed Forces. The introduction of the Joint Doctrine for Cyberspace Operations marks a significant milestone in this ongoing process. Cyberspace, alongside the traditional domains of Land, Sea, and Air, has emerged as a crucial and challenging arena in modern warfare. Unlike the territorial limits in land, sea, and air domains, cyberspace is a global common with shared sovereignty. Hostile actions in cyberspace can have far-reaching impacts on the nation’s economy, cohesion, political decision-making, and defense capabilities.

“Operations in cyberspace need to be integrated into the national security framework to effectively influence events across all operational environments and power instruments,” said General Chauhan during the release event. He emphasized the necessity of understanding military aspects of cyberspace operations and the importance of the doctrine in providing conceptual guidance to commanders, staff, and practitioners.

The doctrine outlines strategies for planning and conducting operations in cyberspace, aiming to raise awareness among warfighters at all levels. It underscores the importance of creating an advantage and influencing events through well-coordinated cyberspace activities, which are now an essential part of national security.

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