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French film director jean-Luc Godard says adieu to the world

Bhubaneswar: Film director Jean-Luc Godard, who brought a new revolution to French films with his new wave cinema passed away today. He was 91.

An acclaimed director, Godard is known for some of his classics like ‘Breathless’, and ‘Contempt’ among others which inspired many filmmakers to transcend to a new form of cinema.

In Odisha, Filmmaker Amartya Bhattacharya whose Odia film ‘Adieu GODARD’ is dedicated to Jean-Luc Godard is being screened at different multiplexes in Odisha and is soon to be screened in Kolkata and Mumbai.

Shocked by the news of the demise of Jean-Luc Godard, Amartya said, “I was busy promoting Adieu GODARD, and then I saw the news. It took me some time to realise that it’s true news. I never thought that we would be saying adieu to Godard.”

“I have been a huge admirer of Godard, I am a big fan. For me, Godard is another name for Cinema. I would have never fallen in love with cinema if I had not watched Godard’s film,” he shared.

Sharing his experience of making Adieu Godard, Amartya said, “When I decided to give him a tribute through my film, I tried to add certain ingredients of his style but made sure not make that the film doesn’t look Godardian,” she shared.

Sharing about the one movie that moved him, he said, “Notre musique is an exceptional thing to watch for filmmakers.”

Regretting that he never got an opportunity to meet the legendary filmmaker, Amartya dreamt of showing AdieuGODARD to the person he has dedicated. “We did send a copy of Adieu Godard to his office, but we are not sure whether he had seen it or not as we never got any response,” he added.

Meanwhile, AdieuGodard is making ripples in the Odia film industry since its release. The film is attracting movie buffs to the multiplexes and getting many positive reviews from audiences. The film has entered the third week of its release is running well.

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