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Former MLA Priyadarshi Mishra Quits BJD, Joins BJP

Bhubaneswar: In a major setback for the Biju Janata Dal (BJD), General Secretary Priyadarshi Mishra has announced his departure from the party after a three-decade stint, marking a pivotal moment in Odisha’s political landscape. What’s more, Mishra wasted no time in joining the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) immediately after tendering his resignation from the BJD.

The leader cited neglect and disillusionment as the primary reasons behind his decision to part ways with the BJD, despite dedicating years of service to the party. Priyadarshi Mishra expressed his disappointment with the BJD’s leadership, signaling a significant shift in his political allegiance.

Priyadarshi Mishra’s political journey traces back to his student days when he embarked on his career under the mentorship of the late Biju Patnaik, the founder of the BJD. With strong familial ties to the political arena, being the son-in-law of former Bhubaneswar MP Prasanna Kumar Patasani, Mishra’s decision to leave the BJD marks a notable departure from his longstanding association with the party.

Elected to the State Legislative Assembly in the 2014 elections, Priyadarshi Mishra’s decision to join the BJP comes at a critical juncture, amplifying the party’s presence and influence in Odisha politics.

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