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First Pod Hotel at Mumbai Central Station

Mumbai: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), in collaboration with the Indian Railways, has introduced the first pod hotel at the Mumbai Central Railway Station.

This unique concept of retiring rooms will help passengers to rest while waiting for their trains.

There will be 48 pods including 30 classic pods, seven ladies-only pods, 10 private pods and one disabled-friendly pod at the pod hotel.

Each pod will have free Wi-Fi, toiletries, a place to keep luggage, and shower rooms and washrooms in common areas. These apart passengers can avail facilities like a TV, a small locker, an adjustable air conditioner and air filter vents, and reading lights, mobile charging, smoke detectors, and ‘do not disturb’ indicators.

Passengers can book the pod for 12 hours for Rs 999, while it would cost Rs 1,999 for 24 hours.

Passengers who want to book private pod, will have to pay Rs 1,249 for 12 hours, Rs 2,499 for 24 hours.

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