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Financial Relief: Ministry of Home Affairs Announces 50% GST Support for Police Personnel

New Delhi: In a move to enhance the welfare of personnel from Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs), Central Police Organisations, State Police Forces, and their families, the Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to extend a 50% financial support on Goods and Services Tax (GST) for purchases made from Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandar. This welfare measure is set to come into effect from April 1, 2024.

Recognizing the challenging nature of the duties performed by the force personnel in maintaining the internal security of the country, the Ministry of Home Affairs prioritizes the welfare of CAPFs and their families. The Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandar, established in 2006, plays a crucial role in providing essential goods at affordable rates to force personnel.

Currently, Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandar operates nationwide with 119 Master Bhandars and more than 1700 Subsidiary Bhandars. This extensive network ensures that force personnel, often deployed in remote and challenging terrains, have access to goods at reasonable rates. The 50% GST support on purchases is a testament to the government’s acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication exhibited by the force personnel, who often perform their duties under risky conditions and personal inconveniences.

This welfare initiative is set to ease the financial burden on police personnel and their families, reflecting the government’s commitment to recognizing and appreciating their service to the nation.

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