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Fifth Phase of General Elections 2024 Sees Robust Voter Turnout Despite Hot Weather

New Delhi: Polling in the fifth phase of the General Elections 2024 commenced at 7 AM today across 49 parliamentary constituencies (PCs), recording an approximate voter turnout of 57.47% by 7:45 PM. Voters turned out in large numbers, braving hot weather conditions in many parts of the states that went to the polls today. Despite the official closure of polling at 6 PM, many voters were still in the queue at various polling stations.

This phase saw polling in several states and union territories including Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. A total of 695 candidates contested in this phase.

In Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir, the voter turnout was notably high at 54.49% by 7:45 PM, marking the highest turnout recorded in the past 35 years for the region. The polling process in Baramulla and across all constituencies was reported to be smooth and peaceful.

The Election Commission, led by Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar along with Election Commissioners Gyanesh Kumar and Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, closely monitored the entire polling process. They issued necessary directions throughout the day to ensure the integrity and smooth functioning of the elections. Stringent security measures were implemented to create a safe environment, allowing voters to cast their votes without fear or intimidation.

The weather remained largely normal, except for hot conditions in isolated areas. The strong voter turnout in this phase reflects the electorate’s commitment to participating in the democratic process, despite the challenging weather conditions.

State-Wise Approximate Voter Turnout in Phase – 5 (7:45 PM)


Sl. No. State / UT No. PCs Approximate Voter Turnout %
1 Bihar 05 52.60
2 Jammu and Kashmir 01 54.49
3 Jharkhand 03 63.00
4 Ladakh 01 67.15
5 Maharashtra 13 48.88
6 Odisha 05 60.72
7 Uttar Pradesh 14 57.79
8 West Bengal 07 73.00
Above 8 States/UTs (49 PCs) 49 57.47

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