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Experts Advocate Industry-Academia Synergy for Sustainable Innovation in Electric Vehicles

New Delhi: In a workshop held on the sidelines of National Science Day Celebrations, experts from various fields related to Electric Vehicles (EV) underscored the crucial need for collaboration between the industry and academia to foster innovation and sustainable solutions in the rapidly evolving EV sector.

Dr. V K Saraswat, Member of Niti Aayog, emphasized the significance of bolstering public EV infrastructure nationwide. During the workshop aimed at charting a new program to support research and innovations in e-Mobility, he stressed that guidelines and standards involving EV charging stations are integral, with oil companies playing a key role. Dr. Saraswat highlighted that the success of EV mobility relies on innovations, technologies, public-private partnerships, and policy decisions, contributing to India’s net-zero target and fostering new business development.

Professor Abhay Karandikar, Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), highlighted DST’s pioneering efforts in analyzing pathways to decarbonize the road transportation sector. He mentioned a comprehensive report on Electric Vehicles, addressing aspects such as Battery Tech, Power Electronics, and Charging infrastructure. Prof. Karandikar pointed out key challenges like raw material transportation, design efficiency, pricing, and lifespan that need attention.

“The synergy between industry and academia is crucial in overcoming obstacles, facilitating innovation, and bringing sustainable solutions in the EV sector. This collaborative effort can lead to advancements that benefit both stakeholders and pave the way for a more efficient and widespread adoption of electric vehicles,” emphasized Prof. Karandikar.

During the National Science Day Celebration at Vigyan Bhavan on February 28, 2024, Union Minister of State for Science & Technology, Dr. Jitendra Singh, released a report titled “EV Evolution: Catalysing Technology-Led Ecosystem for Bharat e-Mobility.” Dr. Akhilesh Gupta, Senior Adviser at DST, highlighted the report’s focus on identifying solutions, developing infrastructure, and transforming the entire EV ecosystem.

Dr. Anita Gupta, Head of the Climate, Energy, and Sustainable Technology (CEST) Division at DST, stressed that electric vehicles are a significant contributor to economic growth and environmental sustainability. She called for concerted efforts from academia, startups, and stakeholders to drive this transition effectively.

Professor BG Fernandes from IIT Bombay, who briefed about the report on EV Evolution, highlighted the extensive consultations carried out by DST to propose specific recommendations for the translation of Research and Development (R&D).

The full-day workshop, titled ‘Evolution Catalysing Technology-Led Ecosystem for e-Mobility,’ held at Vigyan Bhavan, aimed to garner directions for initiating a new and exclusive program to support research and innovations in e-Mobility in the country. The collaborative efforts showcased in the workshop indicate a promising trajectory for the future of electric mobility in India.

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