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EPFO Streamlines Member Data Rectification with New Digital SOP

New Delhi: The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), one of the world’s largest social security organizations, has significantly enhanced its member services with the operationalization of a new Standard Operating Process (SOP) for online member data rectification. This move, effective from August 22, 2023, aims to ensure the integrity and consistency of member data, crucial for seamless service delivery and fraud prevention.

With around 7.5 crore active members contributing to Provident Fund, Pension, and Insurance Schemes monthly, the EPFO has settled approximately 87 lakh claims in the first two months of the current financial year. These claims include advances for housing, post-secondary education of children, marriage, illness, final Provident Fund settlements, pension, and insurance benefits. All these services are provided online, facilitated by a robust software application that validates member data through the Universal Account Number (UAN) system.

The integrity of the data in the Member Profile is critical. To this end, the new SOP allows members to request changes or rectifications to their data online. This includes modifications to their name, gender, date of birth, parent name, marital status, nationality, and Aadhaar details. Members can now upload the relevant prescribed documents digitally, streamlining the entire process.

Once submitted, these requests are routed to the respective Provident Fund offices across the country through the members’ employers. After verification, employers recommend the changes for approval. So far, around 2.75 lakh such requests have been received, with approximately 40,000 already approved by EPFO field offices.

This digitized process enhances the EPFO’s ability to provide instant services such as auto settlement of advances, auto transfer of PF accounts, and e-nomination without necessitating physical visits to any office. The new system underscores EPFO’s commitment to leveraging technology to improve service delivery and maintain high standards of data accuracy and security.

The Union Minister for Labour and Employment, Bhupender Yadav, lauded this development, emphasizing that it aligns with the government’s vision of Digital India and reinforces EPFO’s role in providing efficient and transparent services to its members. This initiative not only simplifies procedures for members but also enhances the overall efficiency of the organization.

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