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End of Safari Season at Kaziranga National Park: Elephant and Jeep Safaris Suspended

Kaziranga: The famed elephant and jeep safaris at Kaziranga National Park in Assam are set to conclude for the tourist season, with operations scheduled to halt from May 1 and May 16 respectively.

The decision to discontinue the safaris comes ahead of the park’s annual closure from June to September, a period coinciding with the monsoon season when the park experiences heavy rainfall and flooding.

In an official notice issued on April 25, authorities announced the suspension of elephant safaris from May 1, followed by the cessation of jeep safaris from May 16.

The temporary halt in safari operations aims to ensure visitor safety and mitigate potential risks posed by adverse weather conditions during the monsoon months.

The Kaziranga National Park, renowned for its rich biodiversity and conservation efforts, typically witnesses a surge in tourist activity during the dry season from November to April, attracting wildlife enthusiasts from around the globe.

Both the elephant and jeep safaris offer visitors a unique opportunity to explore the park’s diverse landscapes and observe its iconic inhabitants, including the famed one-horned rhinoceroses, wild elephants, and various species of birds and mammals.

While the conclusion of the safari season may disappoint some travelers, it marks the beginning of a crucial period for park authorities to undertake conservation efforts and prepare for the reopening of safaris once the monsoon rains recede.

Tourists eager to experience the wonders of Kaziranga National Park are encouraged to plan their visits accordingly, with safari operations expected to resume following the conclusion of the monsoon season, typically in late October or early November.

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