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Empowering Mission Shakti Women: Odisha CM Unveils Rs 10 Lakh Interest-Free Loans and 5000 Bazaars

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has ushered in a transformative era for Mission Shakti women in Odisha, announcing interest-free loans of Rs 10 lakh and unveiling plans for 5000 Mission Shakti Bazaars across the state. The inaugural Mission Shakti Bazaar in Bhubaneswar marks a significant step in promoting products crafted by Mission Shakti Self-Help Groups (SHGs).

During the inauguration, CM Naveen Patnaik declared the provision of interest-free loans up to Rs 10 lakh for Mission Shakti mothers, with an additional allocation of Rs 730 crore for 70 lakh women SHG members and 1.5 lakh Mission Shakti Leaders. An amount of Rs 145 crore has also been released for interest refunds.

Highlighting the commitment to women’s development, the Chief Minister emphasized the pivotal role Mission Shakti mothers play in shaping a new Odisha, evolving from Self-Help Groups (SHGs) to becoming integral partners in transforming the state into Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The Mission Shakti Bazaars aim to make products accessible both online and offline, featuring a diverse range from over 25 districts, including brooms, sarees, cane work sofas, household items, millet products, Patta Chitra, paintings, Kandhamal turmeric, and more. This initiative is expected to empower and uplift Mission Shakti women, fostering economic growth and inclusivity in the region.

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