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Empowering Farmers: Agriculture Integrated Command and Control Center Inaugurated

New Delhi: Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare and Tribal Affairs, Arjun Munda, inaugurated the Agriculture Integrated Command and Control Center at Krishi Bhawan, Delhi, with the objective of empowering farmers across the country through digital technology. Munda emphasized that this initiative is an innovation by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aiming to make farmers self-reliant.

In his address, Union Minister Munda highlighted the government’s commitment to the principle of “Minimum Government-Maximum Governance,” ensuring that the lives of common individuals are minimally affected. The Agriculture Ministry’s new digital initiative aims to provide a beneficial dimension for common farmers, leveraging technology to enhance their capabilities and empower them.

Munda emphasized the integral role of technology in people’s lives and the government’s responsibility to partner with technology for the benefit of the citizens. The Agriculture Ministry’s intention is to support people with transparency, commitment, and goals, ensuring that even a common farmer in a village can become self-reliant through technology.

The Minister stressed the importance of providing better information, services, and facilities to farmers, enhancing their production capacity, and acting as a partner in their development. Agriculture being a crucial sector, the government recognizes farmers as ‘Annadata’ (food providers), and the focus is on ensuring their self-reliance and well-being.

The key objective of the new initiative is to provide farmers with real-time information about their farms and understand the challenges faced by the agriculture sector. Shri Munda believes that resolving these challenges with the help of real-time data and analysis will expand capacity and improve crop quality, benefiting the entire agriculture sector.

Farmers will also be able to avail themselves of government schemes through this digital innovation. Munda sees this as an important opportunity for India to reflect its progress in the 21st century. The trust established through these government efforts will create a safe and trustworthy environment for farmers.

Highlighting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to make India a developed nation by 2047, Munda emphasized the need for an experienced and prosperous India through self-reliance. The Agriculture Integrated Command and Control Center, part of the Agri Stack initiative, involves a digital crop survey providing exact details of farmers’ crops.

In commemorating International Women’s Day, Munda acknowledged the government’s initiatives, such as LPG subsidies, as a special gift to women. He emphasized that innovations in the agricultural sector can be dedicated to women power, aligning with the declaration of the Year of Women Power on Republic Day.

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