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Empowering Divyangjans: DEPwD Signs Crucial MoUs for Accessibility Initiatives

New Delhi: The Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (MoSJE) under the leadership of Sri Rajesh Aggarwal has made significant progress in empowering Divyangjans through the signing of three crucial Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs).

With the aim of revolutionizing accessibility and information dissemination for persons with disabilities (PwDs), the DEPwD has partnered with esteemed organizations to introduce a groundbreaking mobile application platform. This platform facilitates the registration and follow-up of accessibility-related issues and provides essential information and website links related to legal decisions, state and central government schemes, and access to documents in accessible formats.

The first MoU, signed in collaboration with Inclusive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Foundation (I-STEM), Dhananjay Sanjogta Foundation (operating under the brand name – Mission Accessibility), and National Association for the Blind, Delhi, seeks to provide technical support and infrastructure to enhance the mobile application. Incorporating AI technology, the platform aims to efficiently disseminate relevant and targeted information, empowering Divyangjans nationwide.

In a move to ensure the availability of reliable and up-to-date information on various schemes offered by state and central governments, the second MoU was inked in collaboration with Vision Divyang Foundation, Rohini, Delhi. This partnership leverages AI tools and suitable technological platforms to offer guidance on the eligibility of PwDs for government schemes, enhancing accessibility to essential services.

The third MoU, signed with the esteemed National Association for the Blind, Delhi, dedicated to the welfare of persons with visual disabilities, aims to make approximately 10,000 pages of documents accessible to PwDs. These documents include government schemes, guidelines, CCPD orders, legal reliefs for PwDs, annual reports, and more.

These strategic partnerships are poised to bring about a positive impact on the lives of persons with disabilities, fostering inclusivity and empowerment through enhanced accessibility and information dissemination. The DEPwD’s proactive initiatives underscore its commitment to creating a more accessible and supportive environment for Divyangjans across the country.

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