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Empowering Consumers: Right to Repair Portal India Launched

New Delhi: In line with the vision of a circular economy and sustainable consumption, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA) launched the Right to Repair Portal India ( on National Consumer Rights Day 2022. The portal is a significant step towards promoting a ‘circular economy’ and reducing electronic waste by providing consumers with repair-related information for their products.

The initiative is part of the Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for the Environment) envisioned by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, emphasizing the shift from a ‘use-and-dispose’ economy to a ‘circular economy’ that encourages mindful and deliberate utilization. The portal incorporates the R3 concept—Reduce, Reuse (repair), and Recycle.

Under the leadership of Rohit Kumar Singh, Secretary, DoCA, a meeting was conducted with major stakeholders in sectors such as Automobiles, Consumer Durables, Mobile and Electronics, and Farming Equipments. The aim was to engage these sectors in onboarding the Right to Repair Portal India, ensuring that consumers have access to repair information for their products.

The meeting highlighted the concern that products designed with planned obsolescence or those that cannot be repaired contribute to e-waste and force consumers to purchase new products unnecessarily. The Right to Repair Portal India seeks to empower consumers by providing them with relevant information about the repairability of products, spare part availability, and genuine reparability.

The initiative addresses grievances registered at the National Consumer Helpline, where issues related to restricted repair options, delays, and exorbitant repair costs were identified. Secretary, DoCA emphasized the importance of safeguarding consumer rights, especially regarding the availability of spare parts, genuine reparability, and warranty conditions.

Stakeholders from various sectors were urged to join the unified Right to Repair Portal India, fostering a transparent and informed relationship between companies and consumers. The portal is envisioned as a catalyst to facilitate repair-related information exchange, empowering consumers to make informed decisions and contribute to a sustainable and circular economy.

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