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Election Commission Submits Notification of Elected Members to President

New Delhi: Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, accompanied by Election Commissioners Gyanesh Kumar and Dr. Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, met with the Hon’ble President of India today at 1630 hrs (June 6, 2024). During the meeting, a copy of the notification issued by the Election Commission of India, in accordance with Section 73 of the Representation of People Act 1951, containing the names of elected members to the House of People following the General Elections to the 18th Lok Sabha, was submitted to the President.

The submission of the notification marks a significant procedural step following the successful conduct of the General Elections 2024, reaffirming the democratic process and the commitment of the Election Commission towards upholding electoral integrity.

Following their meeting with the President, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, along with the Election Commissioners and senior officers of the Commission, proceeded to Rajghat to seek blessings at the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. This visit to Rajghat serves as a tribute to the principles of peace, non-violence, and democracy espoused by Mahatma Gandhi, and symbolizes the Election Commission’s reverence for these values in the conduct of elections.

The Election Commission’s visit to Rajghat underscores the solemn responsibility entrusted to it in ensuring free, fair, and transparent elections, in line with the democratic ideals cherished by the nation.

The successful conduct of the General Elections 2024 reflects the dedication and commitment of the Election Commission and all stakeholders involved in the electoral process towards upholding the democratic fabric of the country.

As the nation transitions towards the next phase of governance, the Election Commission remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring the sanctity and credibility of the electoral process, thereby upholding the democratic aspirations of the people of India.

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