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Election Commission Introduces ‘Know Your Candidate’ App for Voters

New Delhi: To empower voters with critical information ahead of elections, the Election Commission of India, led by Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, has launched a new mobile application called Know Your Candidate (KYC). This innovative app enables voters to ascertain if any candidate vying for elections in their constituency has a criminal record, offering greater transparency and accountability in the electoral process.

Key Features of the KYC App:

  1. Access to Candidate Information: The KYC app provides voters with easy access to information about candidates with criminal antecedents. Candidates are mandated to disclose their criminal records in newspapers and on television three times, ensuring transparency in the electoral process.
  2. Disclosure of Assets and Liabilities: Voters can also check the assets and liabilities held by candidates with criminal backgrounds. This information aims to facilitate informed decision-making among voters by providing comprehensive details about the candidates standing for elections.
  3. Accountability of Political Parties: Parties nominating candidates with criminal records are required to justify their selection over other deserving candidates. The app mandates parties to explain the basis of selecting candidates with a criminal background, fostering accountability and transparency in candidate selection processes.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar reiterated that candidates with criminal records must publish or make public this information in newspapers and on television three times. Additionally, parties nominating such candidates must provide clear explanations for their selection decisions.

Impact on Electoral Process:

The introduction of the KYC app aligns with the Election Commission’s commitment to conducting free and fair elections. It empowers voters to make informed choices by providing crucial information about candidates’ backgrounds. As India prepares for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and assembly elections in several states, the KYC app serves as a valuable tool for promoting transparency and accountability in the electoral process.

The KYC app underscores the Election Commission’s dedication to ensuring that voters have access to comprehensive information about candidates, thereby strengthening the democratic fabric of the nation. With the launch of this innovative app, voters can navigate the electoral landscape with greater confidence and awareness, contributing to a more robust and participatory democracy.

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