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Elaborate Security Arrangements Made for PM Modi’s Roadshow in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: In anticipation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming roadshow in Bhubaneswar on May 10, the Commissionerate Police has rolled out extensive security measures to ensure the smooth conduct of the event.

Twin city police commissioner Sanjeev Panda addressed the media regarding the security arrangements, revealing that 55 platoons of forces will be deployed to maintain security during the Prime Minister’s roadshow.

Scheduled to commence from Ram Mandir Square and culminate at Vani Vihar in the evening of May 10, the roadshow route will be closely monitored and guarded by security personnel following the guidelines outlined in the Ministry of Home Affairs’ blue book rules.

In compliance with security protocols, drone flying has been strictly prohibited along the Master Canteen-Vani Vihar route where the Prime Minister’s convoy will pass. The Special Protection Group (SPG) has instructed the police to enforce a no-fly zone in the designated area.

To oversee the security arrangements, five Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) rank officers and ten additional DCP rank officers will be deployed. Additionally, a contingent of 27 Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) and 41 Inspector rank officers will be stationed to ensure comprehensive security coverage.

In addition to personnel, specialized units including the anti-bomb squad and sniper dogs will be mobilized to bolster security measures and preempt any potential threats.

Following the roadshow in Bhubaneswar, Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to address public rallies in Kandhamal, Bargarh, and Bolangir on the subsequent day, underscoring the significance of the security preparations to facilitate the Prime Minister’s engagements during his visit to the state.

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