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E-Audio Guided Tour launched at Kalabhoomi Museum

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated the e-audio guided tour at Kalabhoomi Museum. A part of the Odisha Crafts Museum, this e-audio tour is available in three languages – Odia, Hindi, and English. The audio guide serves as a personal companion, leading guests through captivating narratives and providing insights into the displayed artefacts. This immersive experience fosters a strong connection between visitors and the heart and soul of Odisha’s rich cultural heritage.

This innovative offering seamlessly blends technology with cultural exploration, promising an unforgettable and enriching museum experience for all.

In addition to the e-audio guided tour, the CM also unveiled the museum’s revamped website, featuring avant-garde features such as an enthralling 360 Virtual Tour, an E-ticketing system, and a curated collection of mementos from the souvenir shop designed to enhance user experience.

During the event, the Chief Minister also released a captivating Coffee Table Book, a true artistic marvel created by the renowned contemporary artist, Trotsky Marudu. The Coffee Table Book beautifully captures the essence of Odisha’s rich cultural heritage and pays tribute to the skilled artisans who have enriched the state’s legacy with their masterful creations.

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