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DS Gen Anil Chauhan Emphasizes Technology’s Role in Military Affairs on National Technology Day

Mumbai: Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen Anil Chauhan emphasized the pivotal role of technology in driving the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA), stressing the amalgamation of current technologies and investments in emerging technologies. His remarks came during a gathering of scientists and engineers from the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) on the occasion of National Technology Day on May 11.

Gen Anil Chauhan inaugurated a two-day thematic programme on ‘Atoms for Society: Securing Water, Food & Health’ at BARC, Mumbai, underlining the importance of scientific advancements in addressing critical societal challenges.

The theme for this year, ‘Atoms for Society: Securing Water, Food & Health,’ underscores the crucial role of science and technology in tackling pressing issues facing society. Gen Anil Chauhan applauded the nation’s historical prowess in science and technology, urging the revival of the imaginative spirit to develop the technologies essential for national security.

“It is time to reflect on the remarkable advancements in science and technology that have shaped our nation’s progress,” Gen Anil Chauhan remarked. He also took the opportunity to acknowledge the tireless efforts of scientists, engineers, and innovators who contribute significantly to India’s advancement.

Gen Anil Chauhan commended the Department of Atomic Energy for its unwavering commitment to advancing science and technology for the nation’s betterment. He extended warm wishes to the DAE and its members on National Technology Day, expressing hope for continued efforts as India strides forward on the path of progress and innovation.

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