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Devastating Fire Engulfs Nalbana Bird Sanctuary and Kalupada Jetty in Chilika Lake

Chilika: A massive fire erupted at the Nalbana Bird Sanctuary nestled within Odisha’s renowned Chilika lake today, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The inferno, which also spread to the nearby Kalupada jetty, has raised concerns about the safety of migratory birds, wildlife, and the delicate ecosystem of the region.

The blaze, which broke out in the evening, swiftly engulfed a significant portion of the Nalbana island, home to the bird sanctuary known for its rich avian biodiversity. Reports suggest that the raging flames may have claimed the lives of numerous migratory birds and wild animals, including the vulnerable fishing cats inhabiting the sanctuary.

Furthermore, the fire extended its reach to the Kalupada jetty situated near the bird sanctuary, resulting in substantial damage to fishing boats and nets stored at the ghat in Khurda district. The intensity of the blaze consumed several vessels and equipment, exacerbating the impact of the catastrophe.

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