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Department of Telecommunications Initiates Telecom Design Collaboration Sprint

Bangalore: In a pioneering move aimed at fostering innovation and collaboration in the telecommunications sector, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) organized the “Telecom Design Collaboration Sprint” at IIIT Bangalore. The event brought together startups, MSMEs, academia, and research institutions to ideate and innovate towards developing a comprehensive and future-ready telecom stack, with a focus on 5G and beyond.

Fifteen leading startups and MSMEs specializing in Radio Access Network (RAN) and Core ecosystems, along with esteemed institutions such as IIT Madras, C-DOT, and IIT Delhi, participated in the Sprint. The collaboration aimed to leverage collective strengths, foster holistic solutions, and create market opportunities in the telecom landscape.

During the Sprint, participants engaged in deep-tech rapid ideation and innovative solution development, addressing critical areas of 5G infrastructure. The objective was to lay the foundation for a common telecom stack that not only meets current industry needs but also prepares for future advancements, including 6G technology.

Following extensive discussions, outcome-based focused groups were formed to address gaps in the Indian telecom ecosystem and prepare for upcoming technologies. These groups will focus on core infrastructure, distribution units, radio units, central units, and other elements, aiming to bridge current gaps and provide future-proof solutions.

Additionally, two working groups were formed to drive specific objectives identified during the Sprint. Participants lauded the initiative as a first-of-its-kind endeavor in the industry and expressed keen interest in continued collaboration. They urged the DoT to organize similar initiatives in the future to nurture innovation and propel India’s telecommunications sector towards global leadership.

The Telecom Design Collaboration Sprint underscores DoT’s commitment to fostering innovation and industry collaboration in the 5G era and beyond. By harnessing the unique strengths of startups, MSMEs, academia, and industry, the initiative aims to create a robust and forward-looking mobile telecom stack, with a focus on advancing towards 6G technology.

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